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There were a few similarities between my list and the WMU list about what employers look for in college graduates. One of these similarities was the ability to identify and solve problems. I agree that it is important for people to be effective at solving problems and making decisions. Another similarity between the two lists is communication. I feel that it is very important for someone to have good oral skills when looking for a job. They should be able to efficiently give speeches and be able to reach out to peers and superiors. It is also important to write well when looking for, or in a job. Someone who can write with skill is very valuable to jobs. The last similarity on the two lists is work ethic. I believe that having a good work ethic is very important for finding and maintaining a job. It would promote time management and it could help get work done very efficiently

The classes I’m taking this semester will help me become “career ready” in the future. My English class will help me obtain communication skills in reading and writing, which is listed as the 2nd spot on the WMU list. These skills will allow me to communicate with potential work partners, or university opportunities. My environmental issues class will provide me with the skills to take a role in helping the world become a safer and cleaner place. This will improve my leadership skills, and allow me to take control of problems that I feel need more attention.

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  1. Hi Tommy,
    Was there anything surprising on that NACE list of traits and skills that employers want college grads to do? If so, how will you acquire those skills you hadn’t anticipated needing during your college years? What courses, out-of-class experiences, and connections will you make to gain them?

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