This playlist is a very condensed summary of what I listen to. It consists of one, maybe 2 examples of the music I like to listen to. The first song, “Never You Done That” by General Public is a very upbeat, alternative rock song. I actually got to see them in concert very recently, around late July. There were no seats however and it was a room maybe capable of holding 200 people, and we were meant to stand and dance. I’m not much of a dancer though, and it felt quite awkward standing surrounded by a bunch of wild adults, half of them probably drunk. It was still a great show and the band sounded amazing. The next song, “Peace of Mind” by Boston, is one of my favorites, mainly because of the guitar. I’ve never heard a guitar played like that in any other song, and it’s really incredible to me. Even my dad has told me that no one of his knowledge has been able to replicate a similar guitar sound. The next two songs, “Runnin’ Through the 7th With my Woadies” by $uicideboy$, and, “Deira City Centre” by Night Lovell, are two songs that I really enjoy listening to. They both represent the fast, booming voices of both artists which I thoroughly enjoy. The last song, “Just a Dream” by Nelly, is one that gives me waves of nostalgic feelings when I listen to it. I believe that it’s a great song and that it really does a good job at representing its time period.

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