ENG 122

This course is the first part of a two-course sequence that is equivalent to English 110, English Composition. The course begins students’ introduction to writing as a conscious and developmental activity. Students learn to read, think, and write in response to a variety of texts, to integrate their ideas with those of others, and to treat writing as recursive process. Through this work with texts, students are exposed to a range of reading and writing techniques they can employ in other courses. Students work individually and collaboratively, participate in peer review, and learn to take more responsibility for their writing development. Students enrolled in the course must also register for SAS 011, Engaging with Text Writing Lab, a one-credit lab that supports work in ENG 122. Placement into this course is determined by multiple measures of a student’s writing experiences and abilities. Corequisites: SAS 011. 3.000 Credit hours.

Successful completion of ENG 122 & ENG 123 fulfills a requirement in the CAS Core Curriculum and the WCHP Common Curriculum.